Yoga for Men - A workshop

with Henri Ferguson
Sunday, March 29

“The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago,

the next best time is today”

Tailored to absolute beginners with a slow and methodical pace, you'll be introduced to the fundamental poses (focus on hamstrings/shoulders/core) and breathing techniques with the same group of people, just as new as you.The benefits of functional fitness based yoga are: optimizing range of motion, improved breathing, body/mind balance, relaxation and vitality.

About Henri

Exploring many different career paths from social worker to caterer to scuba instructor his hobbies and diversions of music and yoga were ever present growing up. In the same way that cream rises to the top, our life passions have a way of becoming defining focal points which reveal our true calling. Henri has been a professional yoga instructor for 20+ years 

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