Spring Detox Yoga + Cleanse

with Marnie Sands
Sunday, April 19
Optional** Include Wild Rose Cleanse Kit $85**

Welcome a new season with this refreshing and immunity boosting workshop. Marnie will lead you into an active detox practice that assists in clearing the body of stagnant energy and toxins. Twists and postures that revolve around the digestive system are important in releasing build up from the winter season. The second half of the yoga practice is complimented with a nourishing Yin that specifically targets the meridian lines associated with the liver to enhance the quality of lightness of Spring.

To maintain the overall health for the season, Marnie introduces the benefits of the Wild Rose Cleanse. This is a 12 Day Herbal Detox program that was created in Alberta in 1975 by Terry Willard PH.D. If you have never experienced a cleanse, this is a positive and manageable one for beginners.

The start date for the Wild Rose Herbal Detox is Wednesday, April 22 (Earth Day of course, as its our ideal source for food and energy!) Keep in mind that it takes a few days to organize your schedule so that you have all the supplies you need to begin. For additional support, an online blog and recipe sharing will be available throughout the cleanse.

**If you would like to include the Herbal Detox with your workshop, all orders must be made prior to April 8th to arrive on Sunday, April 19th.**

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