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DAY 5: Magic Money

Updated: Mar 30

If you are in a position where money is tight and your concerned of not having enough, you could be attracting more of the same result by unintentionally having a lack of gratitude for the money you DO HAVE. Worry, feeling doubtful, negative thoughts or disappointment towards money can never bring more money to you. Especially right now where as a society we are being tested to really find the positive within every situation, it is imperative to keep your thoughts and actions towards money elevated. The best way to do this is through gratitude.

"No matter what your current situation, the very thought that you don't have enough money is being ungrateful for the money you have." -The Magic pg.61

It is important to get your current situation out of your mind and focus on the money you do have so it magically create more! It's understood that is a difficult practice if your in this situation but BELIEVE that this can change by applying gratitude. The Magic Money practice is a 2 step practice.

Take a moment right now and think of all the things you were given in your childhood that was paid for. As you recall each memory say and feel the magic words,'Thank you' for each thought.

Did you ride a bike? Get new clothes for school? Have a favorite doll house? Toy?

'All of these things cost money and you received them free of charge!' As you go back in time, you'll most likely recall things you never had the opportunity to thank the people or situations where you received something you may of take for granted. Be grateful for every instance with your whole heart. By being grateful for your past, you will magically increase abundance for your future. It is the law of attraction!

The second part of today's practice is to find a dollar bill of any denomination, and on piece of paper write the words: ' THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I'VE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE'. Then tape the paper onto the bill and place it somewhere you'll see it often today. Each time you pass it sincerely read each word and be grateful for the abundance of money you've been given in your life.

It's important to know that you won't be able to guess how much money is coming your way. The magic is in the unknown and TRUST that it will. Remember that money comes in many forms and one way is through discounts, unexpected cash you found, all sorts of material things can be acquired without a charge to them. These are all gifts and the more thankful we are for the abundance in our life the more abundance you'll see increase.

The moment you find yourself about to complain about money, try to catch yourself and say

'Are you willing to pay the price for it?' Either the slowing or ceasing of the flow of money heading your way.

Magic Practice #5 Magic Money

(Based on the Magic by Rhonda Bryne)

1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 of Day 1: Count your blessings. Make a list of 10 blessings. Write WHY you're grateful. Reread your list, and at the end of each blessing say, Thank you, thank you, thank you (3x), and feel as grateful for that blessing as you can.

2. Take a moment to think of all the things you received in your childhood and even your adolescent years, that were given to you - free of charge.

3.As you recall each memory where money was paid for you, say and feel the magic words , Thank you for each instance.

4. Find a bill of any denomination, write the following words on a piece of paper and then tape it to your bill:


5. Take your magic bill with you today and at least once in the morning and the afternoon or as many times as you want, take it out and hold the Magic Bill in your hands. Read the written words and be truly grateful for the abundance of money you've been given.

6. After today's practice place your Magic Bill somewhere you'll see it often and remind yourself each day to be grateful for the abundance of money you've been given in this life.

7. Before you go to sleep, take your magic rock in one hand and say the magic words, Thank you, for the best thing that happened during the day.

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