• Mindy Johnstone

DAY 15: Magically Heal Your Relationships

There are times in our lives when we meet some of our greatest teachers. They come along our path to teach us about ourselves and provide, at times, the hardest lessons we've had to learn. These relationships are important for our personal growth and they teach us to be kind to everyone no matter what the circumstance. If you are hurt by others, it doesn't do you any favors to harbor negative feelings as the only one who ends up suffering is you.

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."- Gautama Buddha (Circa 563 BC-484 BC)

Today's practice can start the process of healing any relationship that has been weighing heavy on your heart. Take a moment during your day to think of a relationship that can be improved. It could be one from the past, it can be a family member, friend, old partners, colleagues, someone who your having difficulties with or has been challenging. Once you choose the person your going to write 10 things that you are most grateful for about them.

'There is gold in every relationship, even the difficult ones, and to bring riches to all your relationships and your life, you have to find the gold.' (pg.144 The Magic- Rhonda Bryne)

Start each sentence as the following: (Name), I'm grateful for...(what?..)

eg: Joanne, I'm grateful to you for showing your support when I lost my loved one

Once you've finished your list you should feel much better about the person and your relationship. The goal is to reach a point to where you don't have any bad feelings towards them. This practice is similar to the Loving Kindness meditation where its imperative to send love towards the people in your life that challenge you. Allow the power of gratitude to be woven into every relationship in your life as this is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves.

Magic Practice #15 Magically Heal Your Relationships

1. Count your blessings. Make a list of 10 blessings. Write WHY you're grateful. Reread your list, and at the end of each blessing say, Thank you, thank you, thank you (3x), and feel as grateful for that blessing as you can.

2. Choose 1 difficult, challenging or broken relationship you have now or from the past that you want to improve.

3. Find a quiet spot and write 10 things of WHY your grateful for this relationship (remember that it is probably one of your biggest teachers your learning a lesson from). You can start each sentence like the following: (Their name) I’m grateful for (what? ....")

4. Before you go to sleep, take your magic rock in one hand and say the magic words, Thank you, for the best thing that happened during the day.

Based on the book 'The Magic' by Rhonda Bryne)

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