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DAY 1: Count Your Blessings

Updated: Mar 24

Alright people everywhere, today is the day we start to bring Magic into our lives. So settle in to a comfortable chair with your favorite morning drink, have your notebook and pen close at hand and prepare to be inspired.

First things first. If you do not have Rhonda Bryne's The Magic Book, I highly recommend investing in it. I will be referencing it quite a bit and recounting her daily exercises for you however her writings are very potent and dive deeper into the magic. For those of you that own her book, this platform is a great way to know that you'll be doing the 28 Days as a collective group. The power of Magic can truly change the world!

Let's begin with the Universal law of attraction. If like attracts like, it will then bring you whatever it is your feeling or acting. There is no discrimination whether its good for us or not. If you say " I don't like my job ", "I don't have enough money", "I always meet selfish people," the reaction to that is simple: We are going to continue to bring exactly what we don't want into our lives.

BUT if you were to change to what you are grateful for " I am so thankful to have people that care about me", "I have years of work experience", " I am grateful to have a place that's warm to sleep ". The Universe will bring you more of whatever it is your grateful for. So its important to shift our perspective to one of counting our blessings.

"Gratitude is a feeling. So the ultimate aim in practicing gratitude is to deliberately FEEL it as much as you can, because it's the force of your feeling that accelerates the magic in your life. Newton's law is one for one -what you give you receive, equally. That means that if you increase your feeling of gratitude, the results in your life will expand to be equal to your feeling! The truer the feeling, the more sincerely grateful you are, the faster your life will change." - Rhonda Bryne

Since we were young our parents have always introduced the 'Magic Words" whenever it was that we wanted something or someone did something kind for us. As adults we still use these words, however they can sometimes lose their magic without really thinking WHY we are grateful. In Day 1 and moving forward into your days, to live in gratitude we must use the words 'THANK YOU' to say and feel more than any other words. Described below is the

Magic Formula from 'The Magic'

1. Deliberately think and say the magic words, thank you

2. The more you deliberately think and say the magic words, thank you, the more gratitude you feel

3. The more gratitude you deliberately think and feel, the more abundance you receive

Day 1 Magic Practice: Count Your Blessings

1. First thing in the morning, make a list of 10 blessings in your life you are grateful for.

2. Write down WHY you're grateful for each blessing

3. Go back and read your list, either in your mind or out loud. When you get to the end of each one, say the magic words, thank you, thank you, thank you.(3x) and feel the gratitude for that blessing as much as you can.

4. Repeat the first 3 steps of this magical practice every morning for the next 27 days.

There are so many things that we can be grateful for these days. From toilet paper, to being with family, the fact that you are healthy, the ability to communicate. The list is truly endless. Just think of the day before or moments in your life that people, places or things that truly were blessings and this is your opportunity to acknowledge them all. You can start your sentence in a few different ways:

I am thankful for.....because...

I am truly grateful for ....because...

I am blessed to have ...because....

However you word it, when you've finished your list, don't forget to reread it and say the magic words 3x! Linger and feel how each of your blessings impact you. The result triggers Magic for everything we have already.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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