• by Mindy Johnstone

Day 22: Ayurveda & Yoga Practice

The term Ayurveda can be easily translated to the Science of Life. It is a natural healing system that originates from India over 4000 years ago. Today, it is still considered to be one of the most sophisticated and powerful body-mind health systems.

According to Ayurvedic practitioners we are born with 1 basic constitution (Prakriti) that is reflected by our physical and emotional qualities. There are 3 main forces or Doshas that enliven our constitution:


PITTA = Fire

KAPHA= Water

As individuals we have all 3 in our human nature, however they can vary on which one is more dominant.

The best way that I have heard Doshas interpreted was from a chance meeting with an Aveda rep at a local hair salon. I truly believe you will notice a little bit of these qualities within yourself and others.

The setting: You are behind a desk waiting for your next appointment to show up.

VATTA walks in: Actually Vatta may stumble into the office in disarray. Most likely late, with papers flying out of their purse, a search for keys preoccupying their mind as well as countless details on their list of things to do.

PITTA enters: Punctual as always, and makes a direct beeline to the desk. "I have a 12 o'clock appointment, I double checked my confirmation, here is the print out and I've highlighted the date and times. It states it should be with Dr. so & so"

KAPHA floats in: Never in a rush and fluid in their movements. Instead of going directly to the desk, she wanders throughout the waiting room, admiring the art work, the color of the walls and most likely complimenting others on there choice of clothing and hairstyle. She sits down, yawns and closes her eyes waiting for the reception to come to her.

When our pre dominant Doshas are in harmony, our basic human nature can achieve great things. The above scenarios can demonstrate when we are imbalanced and there are natural remedies found in treatments through herbs, diet and YOGA PRACTICES.

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