• Mindy Johnstone

Day 30: Congratulations!

Woohoo! Well that was easier than you thought wasn't it? 30 Days of Yoga on and off the mat really is not that difficult. Where the challenge lies is organizing our schedule to get to the mat, after that everything is pretty cruisy. Oh sure we have the waves of soreness, bouts of sleepiness and the occasional distracted mind, but what truly stands out is our desire to return again and again. Our hopes is that you've created a place in your life for sometime to reflect and simply be with yourself. Yoga practice brightens the light that is already shining from within you. These past few weeks it has been a joy to see a community grow together. The laughter, conversations and comradarie is contagious and it is always a pleasure to arrive at the studio with an evident buzz in the air. The yin practices evoked a calming environment that was enhanced by the relaxed energy sprinkled around the room as students reclined and peacefully awaited for the class to begin.

As teachers, we watched you all blossom and take such wonderful care of yourselves by asking questions and most of all listening to what your body and mind's need each day. This is not the end but a new beginning for 2018. We look forward to seeing you on the mat over the year and continue the momentum of your yoga practice. Enjoy this moment and savor your success. Tomorrow brings a new day but right now is where you can bathe in that glow of achievement. Keep nurturing your intentions and continue to shoot for the stars.


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