• Interview by Mindy Johnstone

Day 26: Spotlight on Solana Frebold

It is a true honor to introduce to you the youngest of the 30 Day Challenge participant we have ever had at RMY. Solana is 15 years old and manages to carve out time in her busy schedule to make it to her mat. Prepare to be inspired from the next generation...

RMY When did you start doing yoga?

SF When I was 14. Rebecca, my physiotherapist told me to come here to help relax my shoulders and loosen them. I found that I was getting lots of results and I liked it.

Solana is a gifted violinist and plays with the Calgary Youth Orchestra

RMY So what inspired you to do the 30 Day Challenge this year? Because your not doing it alone your mom signed up too right?

SF Yes, I thought it would be good because its a busy time for violin and I'll make time to do it.

RMY How many times a week are you playing violin?

SF I go to Calgary 3 times a week and then its every day for hours

RMY Do any of your peers practice yoga?

SF Not that I know of (she laughs)

RMY When do you like to practice?

SF I like the morning. It depends on my schedule.

RMY When your not doing the challenge how often do you get to your mat?

SF I try to go maybe 4 or 5 times a week

RMY Do you prefer a gentler longer hold practice or a style that is more active with rhythmic and repetitive movements?

SF I like the repetitive movements especially downward facing dog. It feels good on my shoulders

RMY What would you say is your favorite pose? Downward Dog?

SF No! (she giggles) I like the seated work

RMY If any of your friends were to try yoga what would you say to them?

SF Its a combination of everything (physical, mental) and if you keep doing yoga you'll notice a lot of differences

Solana will be playing at the Jack Singer Concert hall at the end of the month. This shining star is driven and has incredible support from her loved ones and applause from the community. Great Job Solana!


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