• Mindy Johnstone

Day 13: Pause on Posture

We cannot help but feel our bodies at this point in the challenge. Our energy changes day to day, which means our body is going to respond differently. I came across this excerpt from Larry Schultz's yoga manual that sums up asana practice. I find his words reflect how this truly is a personal practice. As long as we try our best and are responsive to the messages our body's are relaying, we are doing the work of yoga.

' Everybody is unique and their progression in yoga is going to look differently than the person next to them. It is important to allow the asanas to arise out of an internal place rather than some externally imposed idea of what the posture should look like. As long as you are working at your peak, combining breath, bandhas, and movement, and you are gaining that internal sense of stretching and strengthening, you are exactly where you need to be.

In the beginning, the physical aspects of the postures will affect you the most. In time, and as you progress, you will become more aware of the flow of prana, life force, moving through your body. As your practice evolves, these subtle, but deep movements will reawaken your awareness and control of your body, leaving you both relaxed and full of energy.'


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