• Interview by Erin Evans

Day 13: Spotlight on Joan Taylor

Joan Taylor lights up the studio when she walks in. A fun loving Sagittarius at 63, Joannie is devoted, inspiring and humorous.

EE How long have you practiced?

JT About 8 1/2 years

EE Why did you start yoga?

JT Curiosity. My whole life I thought there must be something to it besides the popular misconception of skinny kids sitting in a corner smoking dope, making flower necklaces and chanting ohmmm ....

EE What makes you stay?

JT I absolutely love it. there is SO much more to it than I ever first imagined- more than trying crazy postures- although that's a LOT OF FUN too. And with each tiny bit that I learn, it feels like another universe of knowledge and understanding is opening up. I'm excited about every new day and new possibilities.

EE What is your fave posture?

JT That's hard to say... more like my "posture de jour". haha! Right now it might be Eka pada sirsasana (leg behind head) as it is starting to develop further for me. And it's funny to tell non-yogis about this- their funny looks and questions, like "why would you ever want to do THAT?" , are priceless.

EE What is your least fave posture?

JT That's also hard to say as I try not to even think about poses in those terms, kind of like attracting the karma gods. Same as a Good or Bad side. But to answer your question: de jour- maybe warrior 3 (virabhadrasana III) . That just means I need to practice it more and find something special about it.

EE If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?

JT Michelle Obama. She is an incredible role model for all women.

EE What is your favorite style?

JT I love Ashtanga for a solid base, but also love to play and mix things up, and practice with music.

EE Greatest learning from Yoga?

JT Wow. There's so much.... but maybe, its that we already have all the answers inside us to all the questions. We know this intuitively. We just need to look within and Trust ourselves as we are our own best teacher.


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