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Day 11: Oh She Glows...

When we develop a regular yoga practice, we can't help but feel the shift in our bodies including what we put into it. When I first started practicing yoga in my mid 20's, I had a serious addiction to slurpees. Maybe it was because I was raised in Winnipeg and nothing beat the heat than a cold coke slushy. The first few months of practice, I would finish a healthy yoga class and on my way home stop at the nearest 7 eleven. As you can imagine eventually those cravings subsided and when they did, it was like my body underwent its own detox. I woke up one day to find both my cheeks had patches of acne and I was totally taken aback as I normally had a clear complexion. I remember going to the doctor's with my concern and they asked what my diet was like. It didn't take long for me to put the connection together that the food and drink I consumed had a direct impact on my body's overall health.

Nearly 20 years later, I have found myself a lover of the culinary arts. I love to cook and I will openly admit I've read some of my cookbooks cover to cover. When I was younger the draw towards organic and healthy eating was a bit alternative and not as readily accessible as it is now. Today, there are so many options it is hard to decipher which one is a gem. What I consider a bonus in a healthy, vegetarian cookbook is when the ingredients can be found in your own pantry. Too many times have I bought one ingredient and never again used it. I try my best nowadays to purchase staples that can be used in many different recipes and this leads me to one of my favorite cookbook author, Angela Liddon.

Angela Liddon is a Canadian author of 2 incredibly delicious vegan cookbooks; 'Oh She Glows' & her most recent bestseller, 'Oh She Glows Everyday.' Before delving in to why these 2 must haves are so popular, let's pause and talk about vegan, vegetarian and meat lovers. I can attest that even if you are one of the 3, your taste buds will dance from the recipes that Ms.Liddon has compiled. I am not a pure vegetarian nor a vegan. I occasionally eat poultry and fish and I absolutely LOVE cheese. I share this with you because there is an unwritten rule about following recipes; you don't have to do it verbatim. (So note that when it calls to make your own cheese in the cookbook you can also use the dairy product). But just for the sake of it you may want to give some of these pure vegan recipes a try. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how close they are to the real thing.

Oh She Glows cookbook 1 and 2 have an abundance of recipes from detox smoothies to the best no flour brownies you'll ever try. I now have found numerous ways to cook portabello mushrooms and have developed a love for brussell sprouts. My husband and daughter cannot get enough of the Nut Free Dream bars in Oh She Glows Everyday, ( I made it with peanut butter so its not at all nut free but just as divine!).

Ms.Liddon gives a thorough description for what is required as staples for your pantry, from flours to spices and nuts. Her smoothies are perfect for a Vitamix blender but don't feel like you need to bust the bank to acquire one. I have a nutribullet that does the trick and makes the end product just as vibrant as the picture for 'Reset Button Green Smoothie.'

So if your food cravings are seeking something clean, simple and plant based I highly recommend investing in an 'Oh She Glows' cookbook to add to your kitchen pantry. It will compliment all the hard work your body is going through and give you the energy you need to feel vibrant throughout the day.

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