• Mindy Johnstone

Day 9: A Place to Call 'OM

Rocky Mountain Yoga's tag line embodies deeper meaning than a play on a favorite saying. The studio was created to bring community together to share the love of yoga. It is also intended as a home away from home where people who've been practicing for years or those who are entirely new to yoga, can find a comfort and familiarity within its walls. But what does calling 'OM' really mean?

To chant OM in a group setting brings a unity among those in attendance. Often we arrive onto our mats from various places, be it work, skiing, running errands, you name it. Our energies are in different frequencies, all you need to do is attend a busy 12pm class and you can feel the buzz! By starting our practice sitting quietly we begin to settle into our bodies and feel ourselves within the space of the room. This becomes a most auspicious time to bring our energies together in a led class by opening with the sound of OM. The vibration itself soothes our nervous system and calms our mind. As a group, we are setting the intention to move and breath as one, therefore removing the idea that we are separate from one another.

The mantra/vibration of 'OM is like an intonation, 'do, re, mi, fa, sol etc..' Derived from Hinduism, the symbol of OM is rich meaning. It is believed to be the sound that created earth; representing nature, bodies of water, rustling of the leaves to the buzzing of the bees. The correct pronunciation is 'AUM. It has 4 syllables with the last being silent. Each syllable represents a different attribute of the life cycle.

A: (Creator) Pronounced like a prolonged 'Ahhh' starts at the back of the throat. You should feel the vibration in your solar plexus and chest.

U: (Sustenance) Try stretching out the sound of 'oooo' for the second syllable. The sensation resonates in the back of the throat as it rolls off your upper palate

M: (Liberation) The 3rd syllable is an extended 'mmmmm'. As though you were making a bumblebee sound. The vibration can be felt in the top of the head.

SILENCE: Allow the 3rd syllable to dissolve into silence. Here resides the Infinite of possibilities.

The next time you have the opportunity to chant OM in class consider it to be one of creation. Acknowledge your intentions for being on your mat and creating a special time in your day to take care of your body and restore peace of mind.


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