• Mindy Johnstone

New Year, New You

A New Year is a wonderful thing. A time for renewal, to set new goals, intentions and a drive to feel better. It is definitely a motivator that brings me back to the mat. Practicing yoga helps me to find clarity and focus on all the amazing things I would like to create for the upcoming year. I think its safe to say that I'm not alone in this inspirational resolve. As I teach and practice at the studio, I am happy to see so many familiar faces and the welcoming smiles of newer practitioners who have embarked on their yogic journey to wellness for 2017.

Myself and the teachers of RMY have met for lunch and we have concluded that the start of the 30 Day Challenge is a perfect way to set the tone for the year ahead. We too, look forward to sharing yoga and practicing alongside with the community. This is Rocky Mountain Yoga's 7th 30 Day Challenge and each year brings back the feeling of community and support to make a real go of a regular practice.

To keep the conversation going, this year we will have a blog from teachers and students. Postings are designed to give you inspiration through words, quotes, reflections, healthy recipes and yogic tips and tricks. Do not hesitate to write in if there is something you'd like to share. We look forward to embracing a New Year and celebrating a renewed YOU!


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