A Spiritual Journey

Intro to Tarot: Module 2

with Mindy Johnstone

Sunday, October 27th


$50 (additional $40 if  pre-ordered tarot cards requested)


Venue at Rocky Mountain Yoga Studio

The tarot has been used as a tool for divination tracing back to the 14th century. The beauty of these ancient cards are found in their imagery and symbolism. They serve as an incredible resource for self discovery and when read from an empowering perspective can offer valuable insight on your personal journey. This workshop is designed for beginners and those interested in astrology & numerology.

Explore the following in Module 2

  • Introducing the Minor Arcana of Tarot

  • Exploring zodiac + planetary influences into a reading

  • Card Combinations / Tarot Spread / Readings


Recommended but not necessary is Module 1 or a basic understanding of the Tarot.


  • Students are welcome to bring their own deck of Tarot. NOTE* Be sure to check that your cards are Tarot and not Oracle cards. If you are purchasing a deck for the first time look for 78 cards Tarot. Students can pre-order a deck for the workshop at an additional cost of $40

  • Journaling is an important tool to record personal insight for Tarot. Students are encouraged to bring a journal that is for Tarot specifically. (Students can also record the workshop on their iphone and then write down their notes afterwards).


Even as a young child Mindy has been interested in esoteric study. Using her spare time in school to learn about dreamscape, telepathy, palmistry and the para-normal.
It wasn't until her early 20's was she introduced to first Tarot deck. She immediately delved into readings and attended workshops to explore this fascinating tool of divination.
Mindy has been reading cards for over 20 years. Her approach is always empowering and finds that every life lesson is a positive one. She encourages her students to read from a similar approach to help bring peace of mind to future querants and especially when reading for themselves.

Banff, Canada


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