Based on the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, this traditional style of practice increases strength and mobility as well as balances the nervous system. It is challenging, but when taught correctly, students benefit from a vibrant and healthy body and mind.  Classes are based on the Primary Series; a therapeutic practice that is scientifically sequenced to realign the body, detoxify the system, improve circulation and restore overall physical and mental health.


Vinyasa Flow classes introduce  creative sequencing of postures that are different each time we arrive on our mats. Based with the foundations of the Ashtanga system, students practice the same breathing technique and  meditation in movements. Flow classes will invigorate an individuals senses and empower students to be move with a sense of ease and grace.

Rocket Series

If you enjoy Ashtanga yoga or a familiar sequence of postures when you arrive on your mat, this practice may be for you. Created by the late Larry Schultz from San Franscisco, this sequence is a combination of the first 4 series of the Asthanga yoga practice. It is an accessible series, that works with arm balances, inversions, back strengthening and forward folding. Ujjiya breathing is practiced throughout the sequence to encourage a cleansing and purification effect on the body and senses. Prepare to be pleasantly challenged and to start your day with a revitalizing practice.

The above 3 styles are encouraged to drink lots of water before and after practice. The breathing technique, Ujjiya pranayama, creates an internal heat for the body helping with detoxification. To drink water throughout the practice extinguishes the heat and starts the digestive system.

Yin Yoga

The world is made up of polarities, opposites that compliment each other and creates balance and harmony. Yin Yoga gives us an opportunity to find stillness with the under lying movement of the breath. This practice is a compliment to more active styles of yoga and brings in the elements of meditation while holding postures through a designated length of time. Yang practice strengthens and tones the muscles through repetitive, rhthymic movements where as in Yin we therapeutically stress our joints through slow, gentle traction.
Why stress our joints? Firstly is to restore health into the connective tissues of the body so they decrease the likellihood of conjucture (shrink wrapping of the tissues around the joints).  Other benefits of stressing the joints is it decreases the risk of bone degeneration and joint fusion. The result is a higher production of fluid into the area and increased mobility and range of motion and more vitality throughout the body.
This practice is appropriate for students with some experience in their yoga practice. Please inquire if you have had recent injuries or post pregnancy

Yin & Meditation

The yoga asana practice is designed to free our bodies so that we can sit in contemplative meditation. This class will begin with gentle movement and yin postures that will prepare out bodies for a comfortable seated position. Each class will conclude with at least 15 mins of guided meditation and time for silent practice. Meditations in the tradition of Mindfulness Meditation are scientifically proven to help us manage stress more effectively, cope with change, boost our mood, energy and memory and increase our self-awareness and compassion for others. If you would like to begin a home meditation practice this class will help you to develop the skills to practice on your own. All levels welcome. Students new to meditation encouraged to attend. 

Yoga Sutra 2.41

Yoga Basics

The perfect class for those seeking the foundations of a yoga practice. Designed for drawing awareness of alignment in postures by use of props, classes will focus on breathing with stability to gain strength and flexibility for the body mind.

Ideal for beginner students and anyone looking for a slow and steady practice.


A deeply healing practice that nourishes body and soul.  Being fully supported by props enables us to completely release into the poses as we quiet the mind, turn the gaze inward, and connect deeply with the breath.  Poses are held for longer periods of time to allow for deep relaxation and healing. This gentle practice is suitable for all levels, including those working with injuries - the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy week!

Healing Yoga

This class is ideal for students working with chronic illness, pain or injury, as well as those who are seeking a slow and gentle practice to enhance well-being and awareness. Classes emphasize mindful movement while cultivating a deep connection to the breath. Blending healing elements from Hatha, Yin and Restorative, we create a practice that gently builds strength, flexibility and balance, using props to ensure safe alignment, while also inviting stillness and calm to restore the body and refresh the mind.

Photos by Jen Butterweck


Class Descriptions

When the body is cleansed, the mind purified and the senses controlled, joyful awareness needed to realize the inner self, also comes.

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