Day 30: Congratulations!

Woohoo! Well that was easier than you thought wasn't it? 30 Days of Yoga on and off the mat really is not that difficult. Where the challenge lies is organizing our schedule to get to the mat, after that everything is pretty cruisy. Oh sure we have the waves of soreness, bouts of sleepiness and the occasional distracted mind, but what truly stands out is our desire to return again and again. Our hopes is that you've created a place in your life for sometime to reflect and simply be with yourself. Yoga practice brightens the light that is already shining from within you. These past few weeks it has been a joy to see a community grow together. The laughter, conversations and comradarie is cont

Day 29: Reflections of a 30 Day Challenge

30 day challenge, or 16 year challenge, this Valentine’s Day coincidentally marks both milestones in my yoga journey. I can only reflect with gratitude all the changes in body and mind, and reflect with gratitude the certainty promised by my many teachers who assured a healing path which would go beyond that of fixing a broken body; that with dedicated guided yoga practice, beautiful connective and comforting truths would emerge. On reflection, I would like to assure those for whom this is their first 30 day challenge, that indeed all this is true. The questions need not even be asked, simply practice, and answers will blossom. The sages of the Upanishads assured that "there is a Reality und

Day 26: Spotlight on Solana Frebold

It is a true honor to introduce to you the youngest of the 30 Day Challenge participant we have ever had at RMY. Solana is 15 years old and manages to carve out time in her busy schedule to make it to her mat. Prepare to be inspired from the next generation... RMY When did you start doing yoga? SF When I was 14. Rebecca, my physiotherapist told me to come here to help relax my shoulders and loosen them. I found that I was getting lots of results and I liked it. Solana is a gifted violinist and plays with the Calgary Youth Orchestra RMY So what inspired you to do the 30 Day Challenge this year? Because your not doing it alone your mom signed up too right? SF Yes, I thought it would be good be

Day 25: Spotlight on Barb Amping

To shine the light on your fellow yogis, we are featuring interviews with familiar faces from RMY. Meet Barbara Amping, a true inspiration and reflection of how yoga impacts us deeply and that it's never too late to start. RMY: Barb, you said that this year is a special one. Why is that? BA: Because it's my big 7-0 in the fall! So I'm celebrating all year and increasing my activities as I get older RMY: How long have you been practicing yoga for? BA: 2 Years at RMY RMY: What is your favorite thing about doing yoga? What helps you the most? BA: The mental, the psychological, the calm, relaxation and the acceptance of things as they are. That feeling of waking up in the morning for no reason h

Day 24: Heart Opening By Way Of Prana

Almost half of my life, breath has been experienced through the act of smoking. This is what I knew of the feeling to deeply inhale. Not having the wisdom of age, I wasn’t exactly sure what an unforced, deep inhale (and exhale) could do for my mental state, be it positive or negative. And as I grow, gaining knowledge, I am beginning to understand the true depth of lung capacity and their ability to heal the mind as well the body. I have had a great many teachers along my journey, some sharing the same stepping stones, some more knowledgeable than me, yet none holding greater value than the other, including nature's own. However, most of the pranayama I use in my daily practices (either in t

Day 23: Bandhas

The term 'Bandhas' escaped my wheelhouse for the first few years I started practicing yoga. It wasn't until I began my teachers training did I truly give them the attention they needed. When you first start practicing yoga there is so much body mechanics to consider that simply to link the breath with the appropriate action is an effort. My teachers most likely used the term 'engage your Bandhas' but at that time my focus involved refining my new 'Ujjiya' breathing technique. Needless to say, it is a topic worth covering when your off the mat to get a clear understanding of how these subtle energetic locks can benefit your practice and conserve your energy. Translation of Bandhas from sanskr

Day 22: Ayurveda & Yoga Practice

The term Ayurveda can be easily translated to the Science of Life. It is a natural healing system that originates from India over 4000 years ago. Today, it is still considered to be one of the most sophisticated and powerful body-mind health systems. According to Ayurvedic practitioners we are born with 1 basic constitution (Prakriti) that is reflected by our physical and emotional qualities. There are 3 main forces or Doshas that enliven our constitution: VATTA = Air PITTA = Fire KAPHA= Water As individuals we have all 3 in our human nature, however they can vary on which one is more dominant. The best way that I have heard Doshas interpreted was from a chance meeting with an Aveda rep at a
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