Day 18: Moon Cycles & Yoga

It is only natural that humans are affected by the different phases of the moon. We are after all, made up of 70% water and if the tides ebb and flow differently then surely we must. How this effects us in our yoga practice is worth pondering over. Today, is the Full Moon with a lunar eclipse and an extra bonus is its also a blue moon. What does this mean? Firstly a blue moon is when there is 2 full moons in one month. This particular lunar eclipse happens only every 36 years making this to be time where the full moon energy is like its on steroids! You may of been feeling exceptionally emotional and sensitive leading up to today. That's because this is a time of recognition of what it is w

Day 17: 7 Tips to Keep You Going

Look at you now! Already halfway through the yoga challenge and still smiling=) Here are 7 tips from the teachers at RMY. We are loving the community of yogis practicing together and are always here for you. 1# Remind yourself of your intention when you first started the challenge. Why did you set out to do it in the first place? Connect to this to reignite your commitment. ~ Trish 2# Don't make getting to a yoga class stressful. Make that hour the most meditative, relaxing, stress less part of the day. ~ Peter 3# Keep a playful heart. Show up, have fun and don't take yourself too seriously. ~ Erin Evans 4# Wise words from Winnie the Pooh ~ 'Promise me you'll always remember you're braver th

Day 16: Myths of the Asana

There are so many different yoga books out there its hard to choose which one to read and those that are must haves for your bookshelf. Myths of the Asana ~ Stories At The Heart of Yoga Tradition by Alanna Kaivalya & Arjuna van der Kooij is one book that I can't resist and I highly recommend to students and teachers looking for further insights to the legends and lessons behind a yoga pose. The more that you practice, you realize that there is so much beyond the physical aspects. It's natural to develop a curiosity of yoga's origins. Teachers recite some of the sanskrit words through chants, counting and naming of a pose. Studios have statues of mystical gods and symbols decorating the room.

Day 15: When The Clouds Pass Over The Moon

There are many ways to describe the monthly visitor women get, but this one seems the most poetic. Yes, I'm talking about our beloved menstrual cycle. No matter how familiar we are to it, for whatever reason it can throw us off guard every now and then. What is important is to develop our heightened awareness around our cycle and find the best tools we can to support ourselves. It is not uncommon during our premenstrual cycle that our emotions get the better of us. I once had a female teacher tell me that we are more intuitive before our period, making us more sensitive and augmenting our psychic abilities. Using that insight during practices like Yin can help us regulate our responses and c

Day 13: Pause on Posture

We cannot help but feel our bodies at this point in the challenge. Our energy changes day to day, which means our body is going to respond differently. I came across this excerpt from Larry Schultz's yoga manual that sums up asana practice. I find his words reflect how this truly is a personal practice. As long as we try our best and are responsive to the messages our body's are relaying, we are doing the work of yoga. ' Everybody is unique and their progression in yoga is going to look differently than the person next to them. It is important to allow the asanas to arise out of an internal place rather than some externally imposed idea of what the posture should look like. As long as you ar

Day 12: Wheel of Fortune

Oh, the favorable pose for many or not! What can be a very liberating movement can often feel like a struggle even for those who manage to invert on all fours. There are many variations to play with in order to coax the back into bending and it doesn't have to necessarily result in a full wheel. Any movement in the body if done with integrity, can leave you with the feeling of satisfaction and renewed energy. Why do backbends? Let's go over the effects of these freedom, loving poses and perhaps that may intrigue you to find a new appreciation for them the next time your on the mat. First off, consider the energetics of the body. Sitting at the base of the spine is a bundle of nerves that hou

Day 11: Creating Space in the Wrists

We start by finding a place of ease, child's pose, ​(y​es this is a resting pose but if we engage slightly we can find strength and comfort in our upper body​ through the breath)​. A teacher once said to me imagine you have little suction cups on the tips of your fingers, one could even say frog hands. As we rest here we find length through the arms teaching ​or directing the breath to travel from the core ​to the finger tips ​passing through the wrist joint, holding us up. From here we tuck our toes and with the strength of the core rise to feel the mid point​~​our hips​,​ the place from where life stems​.​ If we now consider our toes and ankles​, ​​observing​ here we can shift our​ upper b

Day 10: Are you sore yet?

When we engage in any physical activity, it is common to feel sore, tight and maybe even tender. Yoga included. Sometimes we are led to believe that ‘all we need is yoga to open the body and feel a good stretch’. I agree. However, we need to understand and accept that feeling sore from practicing yoga is completely normal too. Especially if we are new to yoga or have taken a long break from our regular practice. One of the intention’s of yoga is to find balance from left to right, or from right to left, depending on where you are dominant, and trust me, you will always be more dominant on one side. Why? Simply life’s patterns, habits; good or bad, your job, your stress level and many other a

Day 9: A Place to Call 'OM

Rocky Mountain Yoga's tag line embodies deeper meaning than a play on a favorite saying. The studio was created to bring community together to share the love of yoga. It is also intended as a home away from home where people who've been practicing for years or those who are entirely new to yoga, can find a comfort and familiarity within its walls. But what does calling 'OM' really mean? To chant OM in a group setting brings a unity among those in attendance. Often we arrive onto our mats from various places, be it work, skiing, running errands, you name it. Our energies are in different frequencies, all you need to do is attend a busy 12pm class and you can feel the buzz! By starting our pra

Day 8: Yoga 6 Days a Week

The commitment to practice 6 days in a row is big. To do anything consecutively requires discipline, stamina and support. The lovely thing about practicing yoga at a studio is being able to try on different styles and levels that you may not otherwise put on your to do list. The results of the practice will unfold over these next few weeks more so than committing to one or two yoga sessions per week. The only way we know this is by putting our bodies and mind to the test. To follow in the steps of traditional Ashtanga Yogis, we have set up the challenge in the same way of 6 days on, 1 day off. The method has been described to be in sync with the planetary aspects of each day and how it may e

Day 6: Self Study ~ Svadyaya

Once I read a book that said if you start your yoga practice after your mid 20's, it's as though someone has given you a folder of all the events in your life and it is up to you whether you want to read it. I have to agree that when we arrive on our mats there is nowhere to hide. You show up and whatever is revealed is a reflection of your daily life or past experiences. Our job is not to become our biggest critic when some days reveals your distracted mind or maybe your energy level is heavy and lethargic. This becomes an opportunity for Self Study, a situation when you recognize that your not focused and to train your mind to come back to the present. If you are tired, take the rest you n

Day 5: Most Important Meal of the Day

I’m sure you have all heard your mother say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Despite that advice (sorry mom!) you don’t need to eat first thing in the morning to activate your metabolism. When you wake up, your body is in a ketogenic or fat burning state. If you interrupt that with a sugar and carbohydrate loaded breakfast it can cause you to put on those extra calories as fat. Ideally it is best to break your over night fast after 12-16 hours of not eating. That means eating nothing for 12-16 hours after your evening meal. For example, if you ate your dinner at 6p.m. you wouldn’t eat breakfast until 8 or 9 a.m. the next day. This not only helps to cleanse the body but a

Day 4: New Moon in Capricorn 2018

I love New Moons. It is a time of planting seeds, fresh intentions and having a strong belief that what ever it is your seeking will flourish in ways beyond your imagination. This my friends is a time of new beginnings, you may already have that sense with the start of 2018 and embarking on a 30 day yoga challenge! What is special about this particular lunar cycle is that it falls in Capricorn and is the first one of the New Year. Capricorn's are an earthy sign and being stable is natural to their nature. We can all benefit from these qualities by seeking yoga practices that keep you grounded on our feet and focusing on the inhalation to draw more prana (energy) during these phases. At New

Day 3: Chaturanga Dandasana

Chatu WHAT? Yes, as teachers we do "chatta" lot about this pose. And rightfully so because as practitioners of active yoga we encounter this strength building movement more than others. Otherwise known as Four Limb Staff Pose, this high plank to low plank requires attention to detail. It is a beautiful pose that creates not only strength but it activates our connection to the core of our bodies. Let's break it down so that you can sustain a healthy practice and modify on those days you need to. As you step or hop back to high push up the traditional sequence is to continue to lower into low push up for our Vinyasa/Sun Salutes. For the sake of alignment though let's pause from above. Allow yo

Day 2: A Yin Approach

Sometimes our practice is light, blissful and easy. While other times our practice can be challenging, heavy, even emotional. I often have students comment how yin yoga can be especially heightening of theses responses. The meditative element of yin is to learn how and when to let go of resistance. To change our inner dialogue when discomfort arises and the mind wanders. Gently coming back to the moment exactly as it is without judgement. In doing this, we re-wire our brains to become more responsive and less reactive.

Day 1: Shoot for the Stars!

Wow! What a brilliant start to 2018's 30 Day Challenge. The buzz in the air is contagious and to see over 70 people signed up for a month of wellness is so inspiring. It is a wonderful thing to see a community come together and lounge before and after class; voices of old and new friends reuniting on the mat, hugs and high fives to students giving it their first go of yoga is absolutely uplifting. The hardest part of any yoga practice is getting out your door. So already I say to you 'Congratulations' to a job well done! Take one day at a time, mark your classes down and be flexible. Every day is going to be a little bit different then the last one. You may even want to keep a journal, track
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