Day 13: Spotlight on Joan Taylor

Joan Taylor lights up the studio when she walks in. A fun loving Sagittarius at 63, Joannie is devoted, inspiring and humorous. EE How long have you practiced? JT About 8 1/2 years EE Why did you start yoga? JT Curiosity. My whole life I thought there must be something to it besides the popular misconception of skinny kids sitting in a corner smoking dope, making flower necklaces and chanting ohmmm .... EE What makes you stay? JT I absolutely love it. there is SO much more to it than I ever first imagined- more than trying crazy postures- although that's a LOT OF FUN too. And with each tiny bit that I learn, it feels like another universe of knowledge and understanding is opening up.

Day 12: Rocket Fuel

I have a good friend in Squamish who used to run her own studio. For the schedule she wouldn't put the style of yoga that was being taught, just the level of ability. All a student would expect is to show up and practice yoga regardless if it was active or passive. There is some merit to what she was creating, a sense of non-attachment and a release of expectation of what was to come. I do see the benefit though of choosing a class that is familiar by name and what my body and mind may need for that particular day. Which leads me to the questionable 'Rocket Series' found on the schedule. More than once I've had students ask what exactly is 'Rocket' and is it something they would like to enga

Day 11: Oh She Glows...

When we develop a regular yoga practice, we can't help but feel the shift in our bodies including what we put into it. When I first started practicing yoga in my mid 20's, I had a serious addiction to slurpees. Maybe it was because I was raised in Winnipeg and nothing beat the heat than a cold coke slushy. The first few months of practice, I would finish a healthy yoga class and on my way home stop at the nearest 7 eleven. As you can imagine eventually those cravings subsided and when they did, it was like my body underwent its own detox. I woke up one day to find both my cheeks had patches of acne and I was totally taken aback as I normally had a clear complexion. I remember going to the do

New Year, New You

A New Year is a wonderful thing. A time for renewal, to set new goals, intentions and a drive to feel better. It is definitely a motivator that brings me back to the mat. Practicing yoga helps me to find clarity and focus on all the amazing things I would like to create for the upcoming year. I think its safe to say that I'm not alone in this inspirational resolve. As I teach and practice at the studio, I am happy to see so many familiar faces and the welcoming smiles of newer practitioners who have embarked on their yogic journey to wellness for 2017. Myself and the teachers of RMY have met for lunch and we have concluded that the start of the 30 Day Challenge is a perfect way to set the to
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